How to Get a Property Clean before Rental Inspection


How to Get a Property Clean before Rental Inspection

By : Grace
Clearing rental inspection at the end of a tenancy is crucial for tenants in Geelong to get their rental bond back in full. Landlords or property managers conduct the review to ensure the rental property is in the same condition it was in at the tenancy’s start. Only after this inspection can you claim complete bond refund if there is no damage to the premises and it is reasonably clean. Therefore, end of lease cleaning in Geelong is essential and must be performed adequately by renters who paid the security deposit. If you are a lessee ending a tenancy soon, here’s how to get a property clean before a rental inspection.

Check the Entry Condition Report

Tenants who pay a security deposit (bond) get copies of the entry condition report from the property owner/manager. It documents the state of the property at the start of the tenancy and acts as a reference when tenants move out, and landlords need it to check for damages, fair wear & tear, repairs and maintenance. Thus, read the entry condition report to ensure you know what needs to be done before planning & preparing for the end of lease cleaning Geelong.

Discuss What Needs Professional Cleaning

Property owners/managers cannot ask you to hire professional cleaners for bond cleaning, but if the property, carpets, oven, and other fixtures were professionally cleaned before your tenancy started, you are obligated to do the same. Therefore, ask your landlord what they or the previous tenant hired professional cleaners to do and get the service bill. The receipt will help you loosely estimate bond cleaning costs and also know what services to avail yourself from an end of lease cleaning company in Geelong. Discussing what needs professional cleaning with your landlord can help avoid stress before moving. You can also prevent disputes and do the needful to get your bond money without deductions.

Hire Professional End of Lease Cleaners

Bond cleaning differs from regular house cleaning because you must deep clean the entire rental property. You have to clean the carpets, windows, bathroom, outdoor areas and much more to ensure you can move out without hassle. Therefore, bond cleaning is challenging, time-consuming and tiring and hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Geelong is a practical solution. The professionals have the expertise and equipment to manage this task as per industry standards and meet the expectations of property owners/managers. They use an end of lease cleaning checklist to streamline their work & clean rental properties effectively and efficiently.

Ensure Property is Empty before Cleaning

It is best to perform bond cleaning after you have packed and moved property contents to vacate the rented premises. This way, you don’t have to worry about shifting furniture, cleaning hard-to-reach areas, vacuuming carpets without hindrance and performing other essential tasks without hassle. If you plan to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Geelong, most would ask you to guarantee the rental property will be empty on the job date. They can refuse to give a booking if you fail to do so, or they can refuse to clean the property if your belongings are still inside.

Tip for DIY Bond Cleaning

Performing bond cleaning without professional help will require time and effort. Additionally, you must do the following to get the best results.
  • Make a cleaning caddy to stock essential products and tools.
  • Dust before vacuuming. Start with lights, fans & wall hangings, making your way from top to bottom.
  • Dampen a microfiber cloth with a multi-purpose cleaner, then wipe countertops, shelves, cabinets, drawers and other surfaces.
  • Remove cobwebs, spot clean walls, wash windows, remove mould spots and clean blinds.
  • Don’t forget to clean between tracks and frames of windows/doors.
  • Clean and disinfect every surface and fixture in the bathroom & kitchen.
  • Vacuum carpets thoroughly by dividing them into four quadrants. If your carpets are heavily soiled, hire professional end of lease cleaners in Geelong to perform carpet cleaning.
  • Treat pet stains with an enzyme cleaner to break difficult bonds of the stains and remove pet smells.
  • Don’t forget to mow the lawn, vacuum outdoor areas and sweep & mop the deck/garage.
  • Spot clean floors and baseboards to remove stubborn scuff marks, spills, stains and spots.
  • Next, sweep and mop the floors.
  • Deep clean the sinks and drains to prevent bad smells from lingering.
  • Pour a cup of bleach after washing the sink and unclogging the drains. Then. Pour hot water to flush remaining residues & smells.

  • Endnote

    End of lease cleaning is a vital task; tenants must perform to end a tenancy without dispute and get their bond back in full. Thus, use the above insights to clean the rental property before the rental inspection. Also, don’t hesitate to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Geelong when you lack the expertise, equipment or energy for DIY bond cleaning.