Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Bond Cleaning Company


Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Bond Cleaning Company

By : Grace
End of tenancy period is overwhelming, anxiety-inducing and challenging for every renter who paid a bond at the start of their tenancy. It is because they need to return the property in a reasonably clean condition to claim a complete bond refund. Therefore, bond cleaning is a crucial activity renters must perform while vacating their rental premises. Most renters prefer to hire professionals for budget bond cleaning in Geelong. Since the professionals have proper training, necessary supplies and knowledge of what rental providers expect from bond cleans, they can help get your bond back. However, you must ask multiple questions before hiring them to ensure you choose the right people to perform bond cleaning in Geelong. Thus, here is a list of questions to ask before hiring a bond cleaning company. Have a look.

Are they an ASIC-registered company?

Under the 2001 ASIC Act, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission is a governmental organisation. It is crucial that the cleaners you choose are listed with the body because it governs businesses, markets, financial services, and consumer credit. Businesses affiliated with the organisation are required by law to keep their name current, have a registered office, notify ASIC of any significant changes, maintain financial records, etc. Therefore, it is better to choose end of lease cleaners in Geelong who work for registered companies rather than cleaners who are unregistered or deregistered.

What is their industry work experience?

Although education and training are vital, many things are learned through experience, and the more experience a professional has, the better. Therefore, to determine whether a cleaner is an expert or a novice, always ask about their job experience in the cleaning sector. It is best to choose seasoned bond cleaners in Geelong because they adhere to an approved checklist and are aware of what landlords anticipate from bond cleans.

What are their service locations?

Not every cleaner in Geelong offering top-notch bond cleaning services covers every suburb. Therefore, it is important to find out which areas they serve in order to receive their bond cleaning and other services. Some of Geelong’s greatest neighbourhoods, like Anakie (part), Armstrong Creek, Avalon, Balliang, Barwon Heads, Batesford, Bell Park, Bell Post Hill, Bellarine, Belmont, Breakwater, and others, are serviced by the most reputable cleaners.

What services do they offer?

While some experts only provide one type of service, others can provide a variety of services. It would be preferable to employ cleaners that can offer a variety of options if you require carpet cleaning, blind cleaning, pest treatment, and other services in addition to end of lease cleaning in Geelong. Always inquire about the services the professionals provide before requesting a free estimate and hiring them to make sure you have the support you need to get your bond back in full.

What are their booking, refund, rescheduling, and cancelling policies?

You must inquire about policies from bond cleaning services you are considering to hire because they vary from business to business. Select bond cleaning companies that permit advance reservations and refunds of the booking fee upon cancellation. Most reputable businesses have regulations requiring refunds to be made within a certain amount of time, usually 24 to 28 hours or more. If an unexpected circumstance would make it necessary for you to relocate earlier or later than on the chosen day, you should also ask about rescheduling.

Do they provide a bond back guarantee?

To receive their whole bond back is one of the main reasons renters engage professional end of lease cleaning in Geelong. Therefore, it is advisable to inquire about the cleaners’ bond-back guarantee. There is a 100% guarantee that the house will be immaculately cleaned so you can get your whole bond back. Additionally, it means that once a job is done, the cleaners may return to finish it off until the guarantee time has passed or the landlord is happy with the results. This warranty cannot be made by bond cleaning specialists who lack knowledge and dependability. It is therefore essential to make cleaning appointments through a reputable bond cleaning business.

Do they have insurance?

Avoid the error of hiring cleaners without insurance because you might have to pay for accidents out of your own wallet. If the cleaners have insurance, any losses or damage sustained while cleaning your rental property will be paid for. Regardless of whether you are hiring individual contractors or cleaners through a reputable organisation, you must ask this question.

Wrapping Up

Every tenant who paid a bond at the beginning of a tenancy must complete bond cleaning in order to receive the money back. To increase your chances of receiving a full bond return, it is important to engage experienced bond cleaners in Geelong since the amount might be up to four weeks’ worth of rent. Ask the questions listed above to choose the best cleaners, have your rental property cleaned, and move out without problem or worry.