Office Cleaning Tips to Boost Productivity and Creativity


Office Cleaning Tips to Boost Productivity and Creativity

By : Grace
Australians spend about 90% of their time indoors which includes their workplace. Therefore, working professionals or business owners benefit tremendously from having a clean and organised office whether it is in their homes or a commercial building. Sanitary working environments reduce absenteeism and increase productivity by improving focus. What’s more, people working in neat and tidy surroundings exhibit better creativity, as they aren’t visually overstimulated or distracted by clutter or dirty surfaces. Therefore, if your office isn’t desirably clean, it’s crucial to sanitise it routinely to foster efficient working habits. You can hire a professional service for daily office cleaning or for specific tasks like bond cleaning in Geelong to get your bond back. However, workplace sanitation is an ongoing process and the following office cleaning tips can help you maintain it and also boost productivity and creativity. Take a look.

Be Ready For Cleaning Anytime

To save time, energy, and money when performing numerous tasks, careful planning should be done before beginning the demanding and time-consuming process of cleaning your office. Start by going through your cleaning supplies to see which items need replenishing and which tools you currently have. Get versatile cleaners and disinfectants to quickly and easily sterilise the various surfaces and equipment in the office. Make sure the entire area has been decluttered, the waste has been gone, and the space is vacant before you begin cleaning if you want to complete the task successfully and efficiently like professional end of lease cleaners in Geelong.

Pay Extra Attention to Bathroom and Pantry

These spaces are among the dirtiest since they are utilised regularly and frequently by everyone who works in the office. Here is a list of the steps you must do to completely sanitise them.
  • Clean the mirrors, shower glasses, sinks, washbasins, blinds, and windows.
  • Keep the drawers, cabinets, and cabinets clean.
  • Clean and disinfect doors, handles, knobs, switches, and other high-touch fixtures.
  • Wipe countertops, slabs, tiles, and baseboards.
  • Sanitise appliances.
  • Sweep and mop floors

  • Maintain Proper Ventilation

    After a lot of rain, a storm, a cyclone or a flood, the climate becomes humid and hot for extended periods of time, which is ideal for mould and mildew to flourish. In order to prevent dampness, you must keep your workplace well-ventilated and open the windows and doors. The following are additional things you should do
  • Turn on the fans to quickly dry moist areas
  • Check the HVAC system is working
  • Replace the furnace filter if it’s really unclean

  • Don’t Ignore The Musty Smell

    Often, you may smell mould or mildew growing before you see it because the spores give out a musty stench. This odour may come from the carpets, ceilings, pantry, bathrooms, kitchen, or other rooms. Never overlook a musty smell since it may be a sign that mould or mildew is growing in your home or place of business. Inspect every crevice immediately. If you can’t locate the smell’s source on day one, try searching for two to three days in a row. Mould spreads quickly, and spots may emerge 24 to 48 hours after spores land on a damp surface.

    Send a Memo For Clean Eating Practices in Office

    Eating on the desk spreads debris and promotes development of illness causing pathogens on the workstation. However, discouraging it isn’t the solution, as it curbs the flexibility of people. Therefore, you must foster a clean eating environment by asking everyone to remove paper cups/plates immediately after use, wipe high touch surfaces with cleaning wipes and collect debris to throw in the dust bin. Small changes in your workstation maintenance habits can make a sea of difference.

    Remove Trash Daily

    Offices can accumulate a lot of paper clutter, wrappers, disposable cutlery and other trash. These items can stimulate you visually, interfering with your productivity and creativity. Mental overstimulation causes a spike in cortisol (the stress hormone) levels making you anxious. Therefore, if you remove clutter from your workstation and office routinely, you can focus better on your work and also promote a healthier work environment for your colleagues. Tip: Get a small trash can for your work station or request for one to ensure you dispose of trash immediately. This step eliminates procrastination most people do when they have to walk to a garbage bin to remove trash from their desks.

    Wrapping Up

    Maintaining office sanitation is essential to have a safe and healthy working environment. Hiring a commercial cleaning service for this task is a wise and practical solution. However, it is an ongoing process which needs your input as well. Thus, use the office cleaning tips above to keep your workplace sanitary and clean at all times. Not only will it help you remain healthy, but also improve your productivity and creativity.