From Top to Bottom: A Detailed Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Entire House


From Top to Bottom: A Detailed Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Entire House

By : Grace

Cleaning your house is definitely a substantial task. But it is worth noting that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cleaning your living space. Regardless of your approach to tackling it, cleaning the house is a significant achievement that must be celebrated.

This is because having an organised and clean residence can be beneficial for your physical health, productivity, mental well-being, comfort, etc. A clean home will make way for a clear mind and make you more efficient.

Once you know how to clean your home and maintain an organised space, you will also have an easier time focusing on other important tasks.

However, basic cleaning won’t be enough, sometimes you will need to do deep cleaning as well. You can either hire professionals who do house cleaning and budget end of lease cleaning Geelong or do the work yourself. Here is a detailed guide to deep cleaning your entire house. Follow these steps to maintain a cleaner home.

1. Major Spots to Deep Clean in Every Room

There are few areas in every room that most homeowners do not clean every week. This is why you should take time to clean these spots before tackling one room at a time.

Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

When cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fans, it is best to use a duster with an extendable handle to capture dust particles. In case you do not have a duster, it might be better to secure a microfibre cloth to a broom using a rubber band. Remember to clean the lightbulbs as well.

Mouldings and Corners Near Doors and Windows

Experts who do professional end of lease cleaning Geelong recommend utilising a long-handled duster to get rid of the dust and spider webs that have gathered on the mouldings and ceiling.

HVAC Vent Covers

Now, it is time to vacuum and clean the HVAC vent covers. To eliminate the dust, start by using a vacuum cleaner with a hose and upholstery attachment. Next, if possible, take out the vent cover and follow up with rinsing it in a sink. It is best to either clean or change the filters before you proceed with replacing the vent covers.

Walls and Windows

Take time out to clean the windows to ensure they look sparkling from both outside and inside. Walls might become dirty, which is why you should take time out to clean the grime from wallpapered and painted walls. Finally, remember to clean the baseboards to get rid of the scuff marks.

2. Thoroughly Clean the Kitchen

Regardless of whether you own a self-cleaning oven or one that you need to clean yourself, remember to remove grease and grime. Clean the glass doors as well. Next, focus on cleaning the electric coil, gas, or ceramic stovetop. Ensure there are no food splatters or bad odours in your microwave.

Next, empty the refrigerator and clean it. Move the refrigerator away from the wall, as that will allow you to vacuum the fan and coils. Do not forget to clean the dishwasher, including the drain and filter. After that, you should empty the pantry. Clean the walls, shelves, and floor. Get rid of the expired foods. Finally, declutter and clean the drawers and cabinets.

3. Ensure the Living Room is Clean

Woman is cleaning floor with a blue basket on the floor.

According to professionals who do expert end of lease cleaning Geelong, you should deep clean the upholstered chairs and couches to get rid of bad odours and stains.

Next, it will be ideal to clean and condition the leather furniture. Dust the wood furniture and eliminate grime as well. Deep clean the carpets and rugs to ensure there are no odours or stains. If you have the equipment, you can do it yourself or hire professionals for the same. Dust things like bookshelves and tables and also use this opportunity to declutter.

4. Deep Clean the Bathroom

It is a must to remove soap scum from all surfaces, including countertops, bathtubs, shower stalls, and shower curtains. Eliminate dust and grime from the bathroom fan. If there is any type of mould growing in your bathroom, clean it away. Clean the toilet bowl thoroughly. Remember to clean the toilet brush as well as the toilet brush holder.

5. Properly Clean the Bedroom

Begin by correctly washing the pillows. Remember to wash all the bedding, such as sheets, mattress pads, comforters, blankets, and quilts. Next, clean the mattress and get rid of odours and stains. Next, empty the storage drawers and closet and clean them. Vacuum and clean the closets and search for insects. Either hand or fold each clothing item and then put them back in the drawers or closets.

After that, remove everything that is under the bed. It is best to vacuum the flooring and bed frame’s underside. Either toss or donate the unnecessary stuff.

6. Remember to Clean the Garage

Finally, professionals who do cheap end of lease cleaning Geelong recommend cleaning the garage area. Start by taking everything out of the garage. Sort them into these three categories: keep, toss, or donate. Ensure the items you want to keep are organised.

Follow up with getting rid of the dust from the walls and ceiling. Finally, clean the flooring using the appropriate method for the flooring type.

How to Deep Clean Your Entire Home:

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Wrapping Up

While regular cleaning helps a lot, deep cleaning your living space every once in a while is important. Follow the steps mentioned in this article to easily deep clean your entire home.