Complete Checklist For 100% Bond Back Cleaning

Woman in check shirt and green glove holding a bottle in her hand and cleaning kitchen cabinet with a pink cloth.

Complete Checklist For 100% Bond Back Cleaning

By : Grace
The first thing that comes to mind for tenants leaving their rental property behind is how to get their bond back. Simply put, the security deposit paid at the beginning of the tenancy is known as a rental bond. You can get the money once you complete your lease and are ready to move. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You must clean and leave the house in the same condition as it was when you entered. The property owners want to ensure that the house is in the best condition and ready to be occupied by the next tenant. Not cleaning your house can result in a hefty deduction from your security deposit. That’s why it’s crucial to prepare a cleaning plan. Here’s the complete checklist to get your bond money back in full. Follow this guide to meet the expectations of the property owners during the inspection.

1.   Kitchen Cleaning

It’s a fact that cleaning the kitchen is challenging. From appliances and cabinets to walls and other tricky spots, kitchen cleaning requires a lot of time and effort. It seems reasonable to take the help of end of lease cleaners in Geelong for this hectic task.  But if you do want to do it yourself, here are the steps to follow:
  • Clean all the cabinets, cupboards, and doors from inside and outside
  • Replace or repair the torn or peeling cabinet liners
  • Clean the inside and outside of the microwave and eliminate the traces of food
  • Clean the taps and sinks and ensure there are no food residue trapped in the drains
  • Clean the inside and the body surface of the refrigerator, dishwasher and other similar appliances
  • Don’t forget to wash and wipe the entire kitchen floor and wall

  • 2.   Bathroom Sanitation

    There are many areas that people overlook during the bathroom cleaning process. To make sure yours is ready for the final inspection, here are the things you need to do:
  • Clean every window, window track, mirror, and wall to ensure they are free of dust and streaks
  • Clean toilet cistern, flush handle and other fittings, including flexible connector
  • Pay special attention when cleaning faucets and sinks, and eliminate any visible hair or soap scum from the walls
  • Clean the shower and all its parts, including grout, curtain and glass doors
  • Wash and wipe the floor until it shines
  • Find any spot left untouched and get rid of the build-up dust

  • 3.   Living Room and Bedroom Clean-Up

    Apart from a few obvious things, there’s nothing much that separates the living room and the bedroom. Here are things you can do to ensure both the rooms are neat and clean:
  • Remove the light fitting carefully and clean it. Ensure there are no dead bugs attached to it
  • Dust the ceiling fan along with the base. Wash it with appropriate soap and water to make it shine
  • Dust all the light switches
  • Clean skirting boards
  • Clean the walls and make sure to remove any visible stains using mild soap and water
  • Clean windows, blinds, curtains, tracks and other similar stuff
  • Remove and dust all the vent covers
  • Clean the carpets using a vacuum cleaner and ensure its stain-free
  • Wash and wipe the floors clean

  • 4.   Garage and Driveway Dirt Removal

    Often ignored, the garage is an important part of any house. Here’s how you can improve its condition:
  • Wash and clean the windows
  • Use a broom or a long duster to eliminate dust from the outside walls
  • Only keep the things that you saw when you first moved in, eliminate everything else
  • Pressure wash the ground to get rid of oil and grease stains
  • Empty the bins and place them in the right place
  • If there are flowers in the driveway, trim it
  • Lock up the garage door

  • 5.   Laundry Room Cleaning

    Due to the frequent washing of clothes, the laundry area in your rental property might not be in the best condition. If you follow the tips recommended by expert end of lease cleaners in Geelong, you can clean it easily. Here are the things you need to do:
  • Completely clean the washer and dryer machine from inside and outside
  • Drain away the residue from the filters
  • Eliminate build-up lint, dirt and grime from the walls by cleaning them
  • Wash and wipe the floors
  • For more thorough cleaning and to remove stubborn stains, use a sponge to hand scrub the wall

  • 6.   Garden, Yards, and Porches Clean-Up

    For bond cleaning, eliminating dust from your garden, yards, and porches thoroughly is a requirement. Few professional end of lease cleaners in Geelong include these spots in their service, while others don’t. So, make sure to check their range of services before hiring. If you want to do it yourself, here’s the simple process to follow:
  • Remove the unwanted boxes or bins and clean the yards, garden, and porch areas
  • Take all the flower pots and wash them from outside
  • Don’t forget to mow the lawn and clean the patio furniture
  • Trim the hedges and remove weeds and other remains, such as dried leaves, dead fruits, etc.

  • Wrapping Up

    End of lease cleaning in Geelong might sound like a lot of work. But if you follow this guide, you’ll be able to clean every spot of your home, making it look the way it was when you started your tenancy. It will help you get your bond back in full.