1. Eastern Beach Reserve

    Location: Geelong VIC 3220, Australia

    This regional community park and reserve offers stunning picnic facilities, a shark-proof sea bath and a heritage-driven boardwalk. Eastern Beach Reserve lets you enjoy scenic views and appreciate nature’s true wonders.

    You can soak in the sheltered swimming area and enjoy calm waves or sit on the sandy beach with your family.

    Tip: Allow your kids to build sandcastles and showcase their creativity on the beach.

  2. Buckley Falls

    Location: Highton VIC 3216, Australia

    Believe it or not! It is a spectacular waterfall within the Buckley  Falls Reserve, located just 5 km west of the Geelong CBD. The waterfall reflects the dramatic effects of volcanic procedures and gives a beautiful glimpse of nature.

    You must visit Buckley Falls and stroll along the walking trail to enjoy the mesmerising views and splash of cold water.

    Prohibition: Swimming is not allowed due to the poor quality of water.

  3. Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre

    Location: Grovedale VIC 3216, Australia

    It is an award-wining cultural centre in Australia that aims at offering top-class and authentic aboriginal cultural experiences. You can visit this place and experience one of the oldest living cultures with self-guided tours.

    Make sure you listen to the ancient stories and connect to their artwork, dot painting and food to discover their culture in a better and fun way.

  4. Steampacket Gardens

    Location: Eastern Beach Road, Geelong VIC 3220, Australia

    Relax and enjoy the lush green scenery at Steampacket Gardens. These are beautifully crafted green spaces, offering hundreds of native plant species, blooming flowers, tall trees and bushes.

    You can sit on a bench and enjoy spectacular views of gorgeous green land. If you want to do something fun, get on your bike and explore the garden’s nature-driven paths, sculptures and statues.

  5. Balyang Sanctuary

    Location: 50 Marnock Rd, Newtown VIC 3220, Australia

    Are you searching for a beautiful green space where you can enjoy fun activities amidst nature? Look no further than Balyang Sanctuary. It is located in the heart of Geelong and offers great facilities for the following activities:

    • Natural Walking trails
    • Adventurous Hiking
    • Picnicking with your family
    • Bird spotting or watching
    • Fishing
    • Meditation
    • Stargazing, etc
  6. Geelong Botanic Gardens

    natural view of a garden

    Location: East Geelong VIC 3219, Australia

    Another natural attraction in the city is Geelong Botanic Gardens. It is an iconic green land that conserves hundreds and thousands of plant species from around the globe. The Gardens are stretched over 200 acres of land and offer mesmerising views, blooming floors and lush green trees.

    This is a place where you can discover unique plant species ranging from wildflowers to towering eucalypts. Also, ride to the International Gardens showcasing plants from Asia, Europe, and South Africa.

  7. Barwon River

    Do not forget to enjoy panoramic views or bike rides along the Barwon River trails. The river stretches for more than 20 kilometres through Geelong and lets you do various fun activities, such as fishing, bird watching, meditation and much more.

    You can relax your mind and make your day memorable if you are a true nature lover. If you are adventurous, go kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing with your family and friends.

  8. Rippleside Park

    Location: Rippleside VIC 3215, Australia

    It is a perfect picnic spot in summer. You can enjoy BBQs or play in the playground and watch your kids enjoy rides, swings and slides. There is also a cosy water play area featuring spurts, hand pumps and a toddler play area.

    If you are planning a family-friendly holiday trip, Rippleside Park can be an ideal place. Plan and play your favourite games like soccer games and Frisbee throws, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine at Rippleside Jetty.

  9. Point Henry Foreshore Reserve

    Location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia

    It is a beautiful and quiet coastal reserve offering beautiful landscapes, native wildlife and a relaxing ambience. From hiking to exploring walking tracks and native bushland, you can do many things and admire nature.